25” Five S Ionic Pro Fresh Air Purifier Ionizer

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Weight: 7.00lb

Width: 6in

Height: 25in

Length: 9in


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Just pull out the collector plates and wipe it clean with a damp cloth!
Swing (Rotate) function helps to better circulate the air.
Unit produces negative Ions!


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This new design, quality air purifier is impressive, unique, modern, stylish, and elegant.

Key Features and specifications:

Electrostatic dust collector plates: Collect dust and particles. Easy to remove and clean. Just wipe it clean with a damp sponge or cloth. No filter to replace. O1 (negative ion) generation rate > 5 million ions/second. Negative ions will combine with pollutants in the air and can effectively remove particles as small as 0.01 microns (0.4 micro inches) from the air. O3 (ozone): <0.05ppm. Ozone can kill germs, deodorize and freshen the air.

2 Modes: Whisper (fans off), Turbo (fans on). This air purifier is really silent with the fans off in the Whisper mode and it is ideal for when you are sleeping. The fans are on in the Turbo mode for more air circulation.

Automatic Swing (Rotate) function: Like an oscillating fan, this machine rotates automatically 120 degrees (left 60 degrees and right 60 degrees) to circulate the air more effectively. You can also turn the Rotate function on and off by pushing the Rotate button. 110V AC

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[su_tabs][su_tab title=”Why use an Ionic Air Purifier?“]Indoor air is polluted. We spend 90% of our time indoors, and indoor air pollution can be up to 50 times worse than outdoors. This Anion (Negative Ion – O1) Ionic Air Purifier is an impressive air cleaner built on proven Ionic Technology. Using negative ions and electrostatic dust collector plates, this air purifier reduces airborne pollutants such as tar, smoke, kitchen soot, pollen, irritants, cat dander, allergens, drifting dust, fumes and odor in the air. This air purifier has electrostatic dust collector plates that collect dust and particles. There is no filter to replace, just wipe clean the dust collector plates with a wet cloth or sponge pad. In addition, this air purifier has a quiet fan and the machine has a SWING (ROTATE) FUNCTION like an oscillating fan to help circulate the air through the electrostatic dust collector plates which makes it more effective than other leading brands. Ionic Air Purifier is your best choice for creating a cleaner, healthier, more comfortable environment inside your home or office. Note: This is a 25 inches tall unit.[/su_tab] [su_tab title=”Technical Specs“]Power Rating: 10 watts
Size: 25″(height) x 6″(width) x 9″(depth)[/su_tab][/su_tabs]