New Age Living Air Purifier with LCD Display and Remote (Charcoal)

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The best way to remove smoke, dust, mold and all odors!
(great if you have pets!)

New Age Living Air Purifiers are high quality room and office air purifiers which are made of the best parts and manufacturing processes available.

Our 2016 LCD and Remote unit incorporates all of the latest PCO Sterilization air purification technology. It is one of the most powerful and efficient on the market and maintains an optimum level of portability and durability. While passive filters wait around for pollution, the New Age Living Air Purifier duplicates the power of sunlight and thunderstorms to bring the solution to the pollution.

The state of the art PCO Cell houses the UV Bulb and Photocatalytic Filter in a unique lightweight aluminum structure. It was design using computer software to maximize airflow efficiency and uses a honeycomb polycarbonate filter instead of an alternative cheap fiber filter.

3 modes + constant HEPA filtration for particulate removal to improve your indoor environment:

1. Normal Mode uses our exclusive PCO technology to produce safe, low-level, natural oxidizers and superoxide ions for basic, everyday applications.

2. High Mode adds the power of activated oxygen for more coverage and increased elimination of smoke, odor, and surface contaminants.

3. The sani+booster Mode increases the maximum output of activated oxygen for incredible effectiveness in unoccupied areas.

***Kills 99.99% of household microorganisms such as bacteria & mold***


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  • Digital LCD Display
  • Remote control or manual operation
  • Washable purification plate
  • Five speed fan
  • PCO cell technology
  • Lightweight, compact unit
  • Washable HEPA filter
  • Adjustable timer setting Sani-booster mode for maximum purification
  • Germicidal, broad spectrum, high-intensity UVX bulb
  • Stainless steel internal components
  • Maintenance reminders

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  • 360 mg/hr maximum ozone output
  • Ozone density of 0.05 mg/m3 (occupied), 1.5 mg/m3 (unoccupied)
  • 0.5 micron HEPA filter
  • 400 CFM fan output
  • Average fan speed of 2.5 m/s at the front grill
  • 100-300 nm UVX lamp
  • 24-30 kV, 20-30 kHz ion generation pulsator
  • fixed 6.5 kV DC needle ion generator
  • 250 – 3500 sq. ft. coverage
  • 110V AC / 60 Hz
  • 50 watts power consumption
  • 12″ high X 9″ wide x 11″ deep
  • 11 lbs


See our chart showing how we stack up against the competition.  You will be impressed!

Features Competitors New Age Living Air Purifier with LCD Display and Remote
PCO Cell Technology Not available Honeycomb polycarbonate filter and UV bulb combined in a lightweight aluminum frame to maximize air flow
Cabinet Design Dated designs that have existed for years Latest up-to-date design taking customer feedback into account
LCD Display Knobs or buttons with no display Features digital LCD display and electronic controls
Remote control Not available Can be operated with remote control or from the front of the unit
Maintenance reminders Not available Periodic maintenance reminders provided by the unit
HEPA Filter Not available HEPA filter takes particulate such as dust particles as small as 0.5 microns right out of the air