17” Living Air Ionic Breeze NON-UV

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No filters to replace. Simply wipe the collecting rod with a damp cloth to clean!

Zen Living Ionic Breeze NON-UV Air Purification System covers up to 500 square feet utilizing negative ions, Ti02 (Titanium Oxide) Catalyst filter and washable electrostatic dust collector.

Includes factory warranty and operating instructions. Plugs into any standard AC outlet.

Features: This unit removes dust, pollen, pet dander and smoke from the air through its unique design. Air is drawn through its whisper quiet fan into the electronic filter which traps the particulate on the collector rods inside the unit! Odors are also easily removed through its Titanium Oxide catalyst.

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[su_tabs][su_tab title=”Technical Specs“]Powerful 12W operation, 110V AC/60Hz operation, Negative ions: 3,000,000/cm3, Ozone <0.05ppm, 15mg/hr, Dimensions: Height: 17 “; Width: 6 x 6”; Weight 7 lbs.[/su_tab] [/su_tabs]