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The Ionic Breeze Quadra silent air purifier offers a number of useful features that has made it a very popular product. This electrostatic air cleaner efficiently traps airborne allergens, irritants, and pollutants on stainless steel collection blades. This means that there are absolutely no filters to replace. The only maintenance required on this unit is to occasionally, as needed, gently slide out the blades (which replace filters in other units) and wipe them clean with a damp cloth.

The Ionic Breeze Quadra silent air purifier is an electrostatic air cleaner. It is designed to service average-size rooms of approximately 350 square feet. The patented Zenion Effect technology moves air electronically. Therefore, this silent air purifier does not use a motor, has no fan and makes no noise at all. Again, there are no filters to replace. Airborne particles which are charged are trapped on oppositely charged stainless steel collectors. These collectors slide out for convenient cleaning. The lack of filters saves money. The Ionic Breeze company claims this causes low energy costs and no replacement filters which saves hundreds of dollars as compared to units that use HEPA filters.

Like other Ionic Breeze Quadra units, this one requires no more than 10 watts to power all functions, even at their highest settings. The ozone produced is negligible. This unit also has Exclusive OzoneGuard™ in the front grill. This converts virtually all of the by-product ozone to healthy and harmless oxygen when the clean air circulates back into the room. The ozone accumulation is safely below the United States’ safety requirements for medical devices and air cleaners.

A list of product features includes:

Efficient air cleaning and odor reduction.
Silent operation.
Ultra-low energy use.
No filters to replace. Just wipe collection rods clean.
Continuous 24-7 cleaning.
Lightweight housing with an attractive, discreet profile.