Eco Fresh Air Purifier (Black)

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Covers up to 3000 sq. ft.
Technology: Ionization, Active Oxygen, Photocatalysis
Eliminates dust, tobacco smoke, odors
Kills bacteria, viruses, dust mites
Quiet in operation, easy to use
Intelligent Self Diagnostics

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Human’s nature always clings to the best conditions possible especially when it comes to creating a comfortable environment. Nowadays air in big and small cities is filled with different pollutants and harmful substances, hence having a reliable and safe method for eliminating microbes, viruses, toxins, and airborne particles of dirt is a must. Fresh Air Purifier is the answer to all those problems. According to statistics and gathered feedback we can proudly say that EcoQuest Fresh Air has achieved a status of most efficient and reliable air cleaning device and can be labeled «People’s choice». In addition to that, the unit is easy to operate and take care of no special or regular maintenance required.


  • Easily eliminates unpleasant organic as well as chemical odors
  • Neutralizes heavy gases and fumes
  • Purifies air and removes cigarette smoke and other harmful airborne contaminants
  • Destroys microscopic particles of mold, mildew, fungi
  • Reduces levels of germs, allergens, bacteria, and viruses

With this Fresh Air purifier you will be breathing mountain fresh and crystal clean air every day. This device brings you the power of most advanced technologies of air cleaning combined so you may enjoy comfortable microclimate in your home.


Fresh Air recreates the processes of natural air cleaning. It is like having outdoor air conditions while staying indoors. That has become possible thanks to EcoQuest and their unique methods of using innovative technology in creating Fresh Air purifiers. The power of ionization removes smoke and dust while all viruses, germs, bacteria and other harmful substances suffer a major drawdown under the influence of active oxygen.

Fresh Air purifier will be your inexhaustible source of cleanest fresh air possible 24 hours a day all year round. Negatively charged ions produced by it will reduce unpleasant odors. Furthermore, there is an option for producing active oxygen to improve your environment so you could finally breather easier!

You might be surprised, but our original air cleaners are able to use several purifying technologies at once unlike many other air conditioning units and filters. Fresh Air purifier also deals not only with airborne contaminants, but also removes bacteria and viruses fr om nearby surfaces like floor, ceiling, walls, and furniture. This unprecedented level of sanitization is brought to you by the best engineers. Fresh Air Purifier would be an ideal in environments wh ere heavy smoking is a usual routine.


  • Eliminates fetid odors and germs in the air around you
  • Removes airborne allergens
  • Improves microclimate
  • Produces active oxygen, thus increasing its level in the air you breathe.

Fresh Air Specifications:

  • Coverage: 250 – 3000 sq. ft
  • Size: 9″ wide x 12″ high x 12″ deep
  • Weight: 16 lbs
  • Power usage: 100/110 Volts 60 hz or 220/240 volt 50 hz
  • Power consumption: 55 Watts
  • 5 speed fan: max 11,55 m3/min
  • Max 03: 360 mg/hr+ (Away Mode)
  • Programmable sanitation mode: 2,4,6,8 hours
  • Replacement parts: RCI Cell, Ozone Plate, Rear Lint Screen, Harsh Environment Pad
  • Replacement parts life span: 1 year
  • Technology: Photocatalysis/Radiant Catalytic Ionization, Ozone Generation, Synergy Effect, Computer Self-Diagnostics, RF Pulse Ionization, Needlepoint Ionization

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