Living Air Classic HEPA Air Purifier (Wood Grain)

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  • Covers up to 3200 sq. ft.
  • Quickly removes tobacco smoke
  • Eliminates all kinds of odors
  • Kills bacteria
  • Adjustable fan speed
  • Scalable activated oxygen generation
  • Quiet in operation
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Living Air Classic HEPA by EcoQuest is the most suitable device for daily usage. It has something to offer that other competitors out there cannot. Innovative technology, immense power, and extreme efficiency are more than enough to leave other air purifiers to bite the dust, but this compact unit also features specially designed air filters demonstrating even better air cleaning results. We also cannot help but to mention its elegant and sleek design. It is practically impossible to spoil the interior of your office or home by adding this unit to composition. The concept of this device is based on revolutionary technology, which allows turning your indoor environment into a green zone. Just one click and you’re breathing cleaner, fresher, and safer than ever before! Furthermore, not only EcoQuest Living Air Classic HEPA just filters air, but also nullifies various types of smokes and unpleasant odors. Even the heaviest contaminants like cooking fumes or cigarette smoke stand no chance just turn the unit on and in a matter of minutes they will disappear.

This model also features built-in ionizer, which utilizes a wide range of modern ion-generating technologies. Infusing the environment around you with negatively charged ions at the same time it also removes smoke and odors. Living Air Classic HEPA was perfected by EcoQuest for everyday use in homes and offices so it works amazingly quiet, meaning you will get basically no unwanted distractions during hardworking sessions or relaxation pauses. We made this device to make your life better and easier so you won’t ever spent a minute of your precious time trying to figure out how it works! It requires no special skills and qualification to start using EcoQuest Living Air Classic HEPA. Put it somewhere, activate it, and forget about it. You will immediately feel the fresh air circulating around you, restoring natural balance with every breath you take! In addition to that, this low-maintenance model won’t be constantly bothering you with special care or regular technical checks.

Main benefits of Living Air Classic HEPA:

  • Neutralizes tobacco and cooking smoke within minutes thanks to high power and extreme efficiency;
  • Also removes all types of unpleasant smells;
  • Works almost silent;
  • User-friendly interface makes it really easy to use;
  • Requires none additional filters;
  • Features modern hi-tech design allowing it to blend in with any interior style;
  • Keeps the air clean and refreshed;
  • No special maintenance required to keep the unit operational.
  • Covers large areas.

The benefits mentioned above prove EcoQuest Living Air Classic HEPA to be an outstanding device. And the best part here you can effortlessly order it directly on our website. This fantastic air purifier will become your individual source of fresh and clean air. This air purifier has gained tons of buyer’s love over the years due to its advanced functionality, exquisite design, and affordable price.

EcoQuest Living Air Classic HEPA Specifications:

  • Coverage: 3200 sq. ft
  • Product Size: W8.27″ x  D10.36″ x H11.42″ (W210mm x D263mm x H290mm)
  • Weight: 10.2 Pounds (4.6 kg)
  • Weight with box: 12.6 Pounds (5.7 kg)
  • Power usage: 110-120 Volts/60 HZ
  • Power consumption: 40 Watts
  • Max 0zone: 500 mg/hr
  • Replacement parts: Ozone Plate, HEPA Filter, UV lamp, Charcoal filter, Photocatalytic screen

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