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Living Air Purifiers Help You Cross off Your Holiday Shopping List

The lights are hung, the decorations are out and the cookies have been baked. But there is one thing still hanging over your head this holiday season: your holiday shopping list has an uncomfortable amount of names not yet crossed off. But worry not! Living air purifiers are the perfect gift for just about everyone on your list. Here we explore how just one gift, a living air purifier, can help you finish up your holiday season chores and simply enjoy the season with your family and friends.

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Which is the Best Air Purifier for Smokers and Odors?

Summertime. The perfect time to sit around the campfire with friends reminiscing about years past, or sitting on your screened-in porch enjoying a tasty cigar. Perhaps it’s your favorite time of year because you can stand outside, smoke a cigarette and not shiver constantly. Or maybe you just can’t get enough of that barbecue, and you’re cooking up everything from burgers to brats every night of the week.

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How to Make Your Indoor Air Cleaner this Summer

This summer has gotten off to a hot start, meaning the temperatures are often too high to consider opening the screen door or windows to let the summer breeze in—which can serve as a natural air cleaner.

Instead, we’ve been sentenced to staying indoors and running the air conditioner full blast. While this isn’t so great for our utility bills, it is even worse for your indoor air quality. Find out how you can make your indoor air cleaner this summer with these five tips.